How to see / extract passwords in forms without using any tools in browsers?

March 08, 2016

Here you will learn to find your password, this scenario is helpful where your password is seen in dots while you have no idea of finding them, for example you have your password set in your modem firmware settings page as a wireless passphrase. Do remember that not all passwords are visible as some modems or appliances save the passwords in an encrypted form.

Here is a trick using developer tools of chrome or firefox to find password. Let's make use of chrome browser to view mail password to decode it without accessing chrome settings.

1) Open the page where your password is seen in dots

2a) open the chrome Inspect either by right click on password text box


2b) press Ctrl+Shift+I Locate the password textbox where it has to be decoded

 3) Change type="password" to type="textbox" and then press enter

4) Your password will be shown.


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