How To Copy From Right Click Disabled Websites?

March 28, 2016

Have you seen sites or blogs, where you aren't allowed to copy, or selecting alone is not possible for a user, rather instead of copy. Though, very few people reward the source. Specially, in Blogging people copy each other materials and increase plagiarism. which is illegal, But for few people, who cite the actual work - copy pasting is extremely difficult.

Some of the techniques used to prevent copying is by using,
  1. Javascript
  2. CSS
If it is a CSS copy protected site, you can easily bypass it by a simple hack. Just drag the bookmarklet and press it when you are on a copy protected site. This will disable copy protection and you can select and copy as usual.

JavaScript copy protection is much difficult to remove as some site follow custom hacks and often difficult. To overcome this,

  1. By disabling browser JavaScript in browser
  2. Viewing source code of the site (Opening Browser Debugging Tools)
  3. Using Proxy Sites (select option to disable scripts)


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